Church Pomade


Created in small batches using the world's finest plant ingredients, Church California products are 100% Botanical and completely free of toxins, lab-made ingredients and man-made "fragrance". 



The holy grail of hair clays.

100% botanical potent plant medicine to elevate any hairstyle. 

Matte-finish, strong hold; our hair clay gives shape and thickness for a natural, no-shine, no-product look.

Simple and organic ingredients. Made by hand in small batches, and bottled in biophotonic glass which acts as a natural preservative, protecting the product's natural ingredients without the need for harmful lab-made preservatives.



Church Coastal Creme Pomade is a water-based, natural, nourishing hair cream made to rejuvenate dry and/or damaged hair, while adding volume for a more textured look. Part hair lotion, part leave-in hair conditioner, our 100% organic and botanical hair cream will "beachify" any hairstyle with hydration that comes from natural cream conditioning.

Church cream pomade has a natural and light finish, perfect for adding volume without too much hold. Our hair cream is ideal for people with long hair who want to nourish and treat their hair with all day conditioning, or for those with "normal" or medium length hair who prefer a natural, no-hold look.



100% botanical, high-performance hair wax adds volume, texture, and all-day hold with a light shine for a traditional stylized look.
Church Sun Wax is a water-based, clay and wax hybrid formula that provides firm styling without the toxins, making for an easy wash away. Potent plant medicine supports hair and scalp health.
Simple and organic ingredients, handmade and poured in extremely small batches. Bottled in biophotonic glass, to naturally preserve without the need for lab-made preservatives.



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