Three Coyotes Danzante

3 coyotes Danzante by Perro y Arena. One of a kind piece. Made with speckled stoneware and painted with black glaze. Framed. Wall piece. Size 10.25" x13.5" x 1"

Perro y Arena is a creative studio based in Tijuana, Baja California, focused in creating both functional and decorative clay pieces. The project is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Californias and by the Mexican and Greek roots of artist Socrates Medina Ahearn. The textures and tones of the clay resemble the deserts of Baja and the animal figurines connect us to a spiritual and mythological world. One is able to play with coyotes and dance with hares while singing to the moon. Perro y Arena also collaborates with inspiring local creatives that share a similar passion and connection to our natural environment through photography, textiles and fragrances.

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