Black LIves: W.E.B Du Bois at the Paris Expedition 1900

Pioneering sociologist, historian, civil rights activist and author, W.E.B. Du Bois' life and accomplishments are nothing next to extraordinary. A protagonist in the founding of the NAACP, author of the opus Black Reconstruction in America and the groundbreaking 1903, Souls of Black Folk.

At the Paris Exposition in 1900, Du Bois gathered photography of African Americans and displayed them with his hand drawn, charts, graphs and maps, showing the progress of African Americans since the abolition of slavery. These visuals, were simple, concise and well ahead of their time. Precursors to our modern info-graphics and the bold ideas of the Constructivists. 

This oversized paperback pairs these graphics with some of the photos displayed over a century ago. The result is breathtaking in scope and passion and as revelatory today as when first witnessed. 

Paperback  144 pages 10" x 0.5" x 12.7" published October 2019

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