Interlopers by Matt Katsaros and Drew Bennett

INTERLOPERS, is the result of a collaborative call-and-response process between Drew Bennett and Matt Katsaros. Matt invited Drew to make their second book together based on, or in reference to, Drew’s relatively recently revitalized studio practice - but also an excuse to work on something together. The project’s aim was unknown at onset, but upon completion, the subject has emerged as the space between Drew’s source images [studio making, painting details in progress, outdoor projects, family, and his son’s art] and Matt’s reproduction of them through his print process. Simply put, this book is Drew’s world through Matt’s lens.

Printed and assembled in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco 2020.

8 x 10.5 inches

Edition of 300

106 pages

3-color riso printing

Silk Screen cover by Forthrite Printing

60lb text weight paper

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