Annabelle Rey "The Garden"

"We have all been tending our own gardens, so many have picked up gardening/growing their own food. The seed, nut, bulb or bean holds everything it needs to become fully actualized. We have all been incubating and distilling our lives down to the basics; sunlight, food and shelter are suddenly, glaringly important. These pieces represent each of us in our quarantine bubbles, alone but part of the collective, whole but also full of potential. These pieces, when sold, will disperse into individuals homes, but know that they are always a part of a greater collective. We are all in this together."

- Annabelle Rey

48 - 6"x 6" oil paintings. 2020-2021 Sold individually

Please choose according to the number located to the left of each individual painting. Any questions email us

Artwork will SHIP or can be PICKED UP at the END of APRIL. We will email tracking numbers or available for pick up when ready.

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