Jacob May Cooper Bread Board

Cooper Bread Boards Initially designed to be packed up and carried out to the middle of a field or to the top of a hill for a rustic picnic, these simple bread boards travel well. The leather strap can be looped over a finger so your hands remain free to carry other supplies. Slicing bread and displaying your ingredients on these wood surfaces will elevate the meal bringing out the beauty of your food. At home you can unpack your board and hang it from a screw using a grommet set into the back of the leather loop. Displaying it on the wall will provide quick access to a handy cutting surface while providing beauty to the room and providing a visual cue that conjures the memories of your culinary adventures. The leather strap is nested into a pocket so that the boards rest flat. The brass screws are counter-sunk so they will not come into contact or scratch flat surfaces. The boards feature a half-round edge profile that emphasizes its thin profile and simplifies handling. Expect the leather and wood to patina and absorb the colors and scratches from its journeys.

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