Activist Collective Skin Care

Handcrafted right here in California, Activist Collective's ethos is very simple- take care of yourself, and nurture nature while you're at it. 5% of all proceeds go toward environmental advocacy.

An effective combination of botanicals and active ingredients. Sustainable + clinically-proven. Can be used as a 4-step process or individually, depending on your needs.

Cleansing Oil: Gentle and practical, with natural oils and healing Vitamin E.

Toning Mist: To be used to soothe skin and restore moisture. Cucumber, calendula and lavender relax the senses.

Active Hydration Serum: All-star formula of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, to boost hydration + support collagen production.

Precious Oils Active Infusion: antibacterial, fights free radicals and adds a barrier to prevent dehydration.


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