History of Everything Body Oil

History Of Everything is a newest collaborative addition, designed by Migs - the creative behind Blind Tiger's brand (Philadelphia based), and Laimė Kiškūnė - Lithuania based olfactory artist and perfumer.

Coming from artistic and science backgrounds we wanted to work in the intersection of these two fields and develop a sustainable product; therefore we focused on creating a small batch, highest quality aromatic body oil, that could be used as daily full body moisturizer and serve as an alternative choice to mass produced perfume.

We believe, that the purpose of the fragrance is not a statement about how we want to smell, but rather how we want to feel. Following this idea and keeping in mind, that perfume can stimulate the conscious mind, stabilize and modify the emotional state, we engaged in our own experiment with all the seriousness but also kept the artistic, poetic and playful eye open. It took us more than a year to translate our thoughts into the language of scent and fit it into 100 ml bottle.

Blind Tiger Body Work

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