Uusi Bohemia Blue Limited edition playing deck

Bohemia is the second deck in Uusi's eventual six-deck series. Bohemia's artwork was inspired by the unlikely pairing of 17th-century Baroque style with contemporary, urban street art. Each has a flair for drama, tension, and grandeur that create one lush, combustible style when mixed. 

All imagery in the deck is taken from entirely hand-painted, gouache illustrations. Every single card, right down to the pips and indices, is painted in varying shades of luminous blue for the dark suits of Spades and Clubs and lushly romantic red for the light suits of Hearts and Diamonds.


  • bohemia blue edition  -rare smooth tuck / 250 limited run
  • 52 playing cards / 2 jokers
  • 1 uusi illustrated ad card / 1 blank card
  • bicycle playing cards stock with air cushion (linen) finish
  • linen emboss tuck box
  • printed by the united states playing card company
  • made in the USA


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