Bitter Honey

Life on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia is sun drenched, slow. A relaxed affair that is reflected and abundant in its cuisine. With little to no urgency, food is steeped in time honored traditions. Roasting over open fire, slow cooked, maturing flavors that ask to be savored. Food is to be meditated on, lingered with and enjoyed by all. 

In Letitia Clark's newest foray Bitter Honey, she invites us to her home, its fantastic landscape, and to the flavors of this Italian wonderland that boldly borrows from ancestral neighbors. Think of roasted eggplant, burrata, mint, saffron, seafood pasta, panna cotta, anchovy, hazelnuts. Effortless recipes that insist you slow down and reflect on nourishing the soul.

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher Hardie Grant, 4/20.

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