David Benjamin Sherry: American Monuments

In 2017, the Trump administration demanded a review of all American Monuments created since 1996. The final report concluded the shrinking of four monuments and the diminished management of six others. Wild and pristine areas of Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were to be offered for sale, specifically for oil drilling and coal and uranium mining. This reversal, in a long tradition of foresaking Western (and indigenous lands) diminished both the physical and spiritual lands of the West, and represented a supreme betrayal of preservation.

Armed with his historic 8x10" large format land camera, photographer, David Benjamin Sherry, captures these sacred spaces and then using analog techniques, manipulates the chromatic spectrum to elicit vividly, transformative, technicolor landscapes in the spirit of Ansel Adams or Brett Weston. 

Hardcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Radius Books, 07/20

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