Diaspora Co Tumeric and Cardamom

Diaspora Co. is owned by queer, women-of-color.

Single origin - Pragati Tumeric, Tasting Notes: Bright ~ Floral ~ Earthy ~ Zesty

Grown by the Kasaraneni family amidst marigolds, bananas, and black rice on their 4th generation farm. Whilst Mr. Prabhu Kasaraneni’s family has been farming for three generations, he is a self taught organic farmer who began growing heirloom Pragati turmeric in 2015, with assistance from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.

Single origin - Baraka Green Cardamom, Tasting Notes: Licorice ~ Mint ~ Pine ~ Fruity

Grown by the Chacko family amidst black pepper, coffee, and flowers on their estate turned wild food forest. Mr. Abraham Chacko has been farming for his entire life, first as a conventional farmer, now as a pioneer of the natural farming movement in India. Through years of trial and error, he was able to naturally breed an heirloom variety that could grow beautifully and thrive without pesticides. 




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