Latch Key Lace Vessel

By Oakland artist, Whitney Sharpe, Latchkey Ceramics. Utilizing clay as a conduit, Sharpe builds three dimensional forms to embody the human experience. Drawn to clay per it’s volatile yet mutable nature, her art practice explores the relational and ritual aspects of materiality by challenging the limitations of medium and skill. Sharpe’s multi decade relationship with clay has produced an understanding that the medium is the art of impermanence. With the knowledge of clays variability, Sharpe recognizes the mutual role both she and clay have in creating; she has just as much control over clay as it has over her. This conference is the foundation of Sharpe’s work.

Lace Vessel with topper (middle) 10" x 10"

Vessels not available for shipping. In-store pick up only. For shipping please inquire by email.

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