Urb Apothecary Matcha Scrub

Matcha green tea’s high antioxidant content rejuvenates old skin cells and neutralizes UV damage. Safflower oil, castor oil, and coconut milk provide nourishment and moisture to the exfoliating action of sugar, rounded out by uplifting aromas of lime. These, together with matcha green tea, create a healing, rejuvenating, and exfoliating scrub for both face and body. 

-Repair and protect skin from UV damage
-Reduce inflammation
-Anti-microbial properties help clear problem skin

INGREDIENTS // Carthamus tinctorius* (safflower) oil, Ricinus communis* (castor) oil , unrefined Saccharum officinarum L* (sugar cane), Camellia sinensis* (matcha green tea), Cocos nucifera* (coconut) raw shreds, Cocos nucifera* (coconut) milk powder, Citrus aurantifolia* (lime) and good energy. *organic

*Use very light circular motions if using on your face.* Massage scrub onto damp face and body in light circular motions. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Store in a cool dark place and try not to introduce water to the jar.

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